About GeniusHR. Our mission, our people, our story and how to connect.

Our Mission

Instead of some jargon-y sounding statement like “We enhance value with world class products …” we decided instead to keep it really simple.

GeniusHR is focused on HR solutions, not just software. We are problem tacklers and wizards who fix the bottlenecks, avoid the problems and automate the slow processes that plague every HR department. We aim to deliver the industry’s most nimble, logical HRIS software applications so that the unsung heroes and heroines in HR can focus more of their time on being a strategic partner in growing the business.

Our Story

GeniusHR is based in Odessa, TX, in the beating heart of the Odessa-Midland business corridor. Company founder Jeff Russell is a software engineer who’d already achieved success as an online entrepreneur with one of the travel industry’s first consumer booking sites, but he was restless for a new challenge. An inveterate problem solver by nature, he discovered that many organizations — even mid to enterprise level businesses — didn’t have a good HRIS solution that addressed all their HR management issues in a logical, user-friendly way. GeniusHR management software began with an idea, but it was built on listening. Listening to employees. Listening to HR directors and managers. Listening to executives. And then, engineering a system to address the most common complaints and time-consuming manual processes. With the help of a talented programming team whose marching orders were to create a “no-brainer” decision guidance system, we developed the GeniusHR Wizard which brings  true business automation to Human Resources for the first time. It’s intuitive, simple, and prevents employment lawsuits with error-free administration. And that’s your happy ending to our story.

How To Make Contact

Rad hands in pocket


Our helpful little wizard, Rad, is actually Jeff Russell’s alter ego. He appears here and there on our pages to represent the “genius” of our automation systems – the ones that allow you to manage your HR tasks with so little effort, you’ll think it’s magic.

We’ve gotten very fond of Rad in the time he’s been here, because he brings some fun into our work-filled days. In fact, we got a little carried away one day and had our artist create a “paper doll” collection of Rad figures in various work costumes. You’re welcome to bring out your inner child and play at dressing him up – you can find them on our Goodies page.